Senior software engineer

"As a complete beginner, I started lessons with Samantha a year ago. I enjoyed every bit of the lessons because, they happen in a very relaxed and flexible, down-to-earth atmosphere and cover multiple aspects of a musical education. Samantha always comes prepared for the lesson and has a high but reasonable standard for what we try to achieve. She seems to always have a plan to connect at some point the various things that I am learning over time and the musical material I learn through the lessons is diverse, always fun/fresh to learn and play, and has the occasional extra challenge sprinkled on. I always receive really good practice exercises, high-quality and actionable feedback, and advice especially when I seem to hit a wall. Samantha is a true professional and is highly recommended. "


Senior backend engineer

"I went to Samantha to learn the piano after a friend recommended her lessons. Not only could she show me how to play, but also how to discover much deeper layers and dimensions in music. How everything is connected and why. Her lectures and the whole material she is teaching are highly logical, structured, and well-engineered. Since the very first lesson, every time I get some new areas to think about, or a different point of view to things I already know, and I feel I’m learning more every time. It feels like I'm not just learning music, I’m learning art, and learning an entirely new language. Samantha makes me feel welcome and confident and always shows her skills and passion. If you want to learn on any level, I definitely recommend Samantha. "